How To + Troubleshooting

So you have made a positive purchase to brighten up your life & want to know how to get it glowing...

Inatallation - How To

  • Open the box & unwrap your neon.
  • Whats in the box? neon, mounting hardware, power cord + adapter & dimmer + remote.
  • Unwind all cords & plug your sign in to check it is fully operational after transport (unplug for installation).
  • Work out where you want to hang your neon, mark out the predrilled holes (in your neon backing acrylic) on your wall.
  • Fix mounting hardware to the wall you have marked out.
  • Line up sign with mounting hardware & screw the caps in to hold the sign in place.
  • Plug your sign in & bask in all of its glory!

*We cannot ship batteries in the dimmer remotes, please place a battery in the remote before use.


  • Unplug all connections to the sign & wall socket. Reconnect them & see if it works. If the sign is plugged into any extension cords or power boards, please remove them & plug directly into the wall.
  • If you have a dimmer with remote, remove it from the power cords (you can add it back in later).
  • Try the above in a different wall socket.
  • There is a light on the power adapter box, it should be solid green when plugged in & turned on. If it is off, red, flashing green or red please let us know as these all mean different things.
  • If your sign still is not working, please contact us with any images or videos showing the sign & the light on the power adapter.