What are your neon signs made of?

Our signs are made of LED lights in a PVC jacket, mounted on a perspex backing. They are more durable & much cheaper to operate than traditional glass neon.

How are the neon signs made?

Our signs are individually handmade! The neon is cut, bent & glued to our perspex backing. All electric connections are tested & the neons are packaged for shipping.

How do I connect the neon to power?

All of our neons are 'plug-n-play' they are plugged straight into the wall socket. They come with 240V/12V transformer & plug designed to Australian & New Zealand standards. (we also have plugs to suit other international customers)

Does the neon sign come with a dimmer?

You can purchase a dimmer with remote from our online store if required. These are super cool & have loads of strobe functions along with the dimmer functions, to give you complete control. 

How do I order a custom neon sign?

Head to 'Custom Neon' where you can find loads of options. When we receive your specifications, we can get started on designing your custom neon. Every custom neon is drawn quoted individually.

How much does a custom neon cost?

For a wedding neon like 'The Smiths' pricing starts at about $450aud. Pricing is determined by the amount of neon used. Capital letters & loopy font styles will be more expensive. A general guide is $30 - 60aud per letter.

Can I have multiple colours?

Yes! As long as it is a colour neon we carry, you can have as many as you like.

When will I get my neon sign?

Please allow approximately 4-5 weeks from payment for it to arrive. (delivery times may vary depending on your location & the time of year). We will give you progress updates via email.

Can I get neons wholesale for my store?

Yes! We are always looking for retailers & people to collaborate with. Jump over to our 'Stockists' page to make an electric connection with us.


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